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Marist College Canberra

Australian Football Club

MAFC Canberra

Volunteers & Parent Support

Volunteers are essential for players to take the field.  We have developed a great culture at MAFC with strong support from parents across a wide range of volunteer positions including coaching.


If you are interested in the role of coach or manager, please nominate this on your sons registration, or contact the club to nominate for these positions.


If being a coach or manager is not your thing, WE STILL NEED YOU. There are many jobs that needs to be filled each game by a parent or volunteer.  These will include any of the below. Please come forward and help our boys on game day and our MAFC community.

First Aid

A first aid person is required per team, for each game. Training is provided by the club at the begninning of the Season. A second first aid person should be identified as a backup. Please consider this important role.

On Field Runners

A person who shuttles coaches messages and water onto the field to the boys during play. Tip: It is helpful if you are semi fit and you like the coach enough to take instructions.

Goal Umpire

A person to stand under the goals and wave the flags and note down each goal or point scored by each team, which is compared with the other goalie at the end of each quarter. Tip: you don't need to understand the game too much or be fit and depending on the score it could be great for building arm muscles

Boundary Umpire

Run the boundary, assist the Umpire and indicate if the ball goes out, and do boundary throw ins. Tip: For the older age groups when the players are faster and bigger, you need to be fit and have reasonable strength to throw the ball in.

Water Bottles

A person to fill up the water bottles at the begninning of the game and throughout the game when needed. Tip: Good idea to fill them all again at half time if not before, no physical fitness required.

Oranges & Snakes

To provide fruit and lollies (check COVID guidelines) to feed and sugar the boys. A great job if you want to watch the full game or can't make it on the day.

Best on Field

Identify who the games top MAFC players are. The best player receives the most points, then the points decrease for each other player. Tip: it is handy to make a mark next to a players name during the game when they do something well.


Recording all points scored and recording who took the goals. Tip: If doing electronically do it pairs so someone is able to also manually record in case devices stop working.

BBQ & Canteen

Two people plus one cooking is ideal for when there is a home game. The canteen is cashless so there is no counting. Tip - best place to stay out of the rain and wind and still watch the game


When there is a home game, the electornic scoreboard which is operated from the the Lindwall Pavilion needs to be kept up to date and the buzzers can also be activiated from here. Tip: Be early to the game to be shown what to do

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