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Marist College Canberra

Australian Football Club

MAFC Canberra

What You Need

  • Reusable banner, or two approximately 2 metre poles (The club usually has some conduit you can borrow, or Bunnings will cut to size if requested, broom handles, or thick dowel can also be used)

  • Milestone message printed on white paper

  • Blue crepe paper, one colour or

    • Royal Blue crepe paper (two or three pkts)

    • Sky Blue (or baby blue) crepe paper (one or two pkts)

  • Thick or double sided sticky tape for attaching crepe paper to the banner or around poles (any will do - office works sticky tape is best to stick to crepe paper)

  • Thin sticky tape or glue for sticking on lettering

The Message

  • Decide on the message you want on the banner – consider the wording and font so that it will fit across the crepe paper but still be big enough to read from a distance.

*If using the reusable banner, there is less room, approximately only 7 letters will fit if using the below lettering eg. CONGRATS or AMAZING.

  • Include the number of games and the players name or nickname.  The players jersey number and some form of congratulations is also often included.

  • Print out the message on white paper and cut each letter out separately.

  • Any font can be used.  This link provides you with lettering and numbers that are fairly square and easy to cut out. Printable Letters - Print Outline Bubble Letters.

Creating the banner

  • Layer the crepe paper in strips across the banner space or between poles.  This can be done in alternative royal and sky blue stripes or all royal blue with the sky blue diagonal strip as per the MAFC jerseys.

  • Tape the crepe paper together and also attach to the banner or poles.

*If creating from scratch - Cut strips of crepe paper approx. 2 meters wide. Wrap the ends of the crepe paper back over the poles and use tape to fasten the ends as close to the poles as possible. Place tape across the top of the banner so the poles won’t slip through.

  • Be careful of tape placement, do not place tape horizontally across the banner where players will be running through, if it needs to be horizontal, use small pieces of sticky tape not a long strip. Tight horizontal tape could coat hanger a player. 

  • Stick or glue the lettering/numbers onto the banner.

  • If you have everything ready to go and playing at Lindwell the banner can be constructed upstairs in the pavilion prior to the game.  Make sure you have enough time to finalise it well before the beginning of the game.

MAFC Milestone Banner

Who Does What

When a player reaches a milestone game (50, 100, 150), it is customary that the player runs through a milestone banner onto the field prior to the game commencing. It is the parents/carers responsibility for creating the banner.


Have a look at the MAFC Facebook and Instagram page for previous banners.

The Parent/Carer will

  • Notify the Team Manager two games before a milestone game that they would like to make a banner.

  • Be responsible for purchasing supplies and creating the banner (check with Team Manager first to see if there are poles or supplies available).

  • Organise the banner in time for pre game photos.

  • Hold the banner on the field for the run through, or organise the coach or someone else to.

  • Clean up the crepe paper etc after the run through before the game starts.

  • Notify the club if they do not want their players photo on the MAFC Social Media pages.

The Team Manager will

  • Assist with sourcing Marist banner, poles or other supplies from the Club, if available. 

  • Organise booking of Lindwall Pavilion for parents to make banner if needed.

  • Advise the coach to ensure there is enough time to assist with organising players into a tunnel.​

Creating the Banner

100 Games Banner
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