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Thank you Season 2017

I’d like to firstly congratulate everyone on a wonderful 2017. It is such a privilege to be part of this community and to hold the position of President. It’s something I’m very grateful for.

In late 2016 the MAFC Committee came together and we started work immediately on the 2020 vision for the Club. A strategic planning exercise that aimed to create a framework for our decision making as a committee and it was clear that the Committee held high aspirations for the Club.

We settled very quickly on our Vision;

“To be recognised as a leader in Junior AFL Football in NSW and the ACT and to enhance the reputation of Marist College”.

We also reinforced our purpose;

“to create a positive and healthy sporting environment that enables boys to grow in confidence, grow in skills and to build their love of AFL Football”.

In addition, the committee settled on our Club values;

“Fun, Participation, Inclusiveness, Empathy, and Family”.

Our Vision, our Purpose and our Values were put in place to guide us in our decision making and our activities. I’m deeply grateful for the committee in their support of this revitalisation of the Clubs ethos and it set the tone for what has been a wonderful year.

MAFC Patron Mick Malthouse at the Gala Dinner

For me the highlights were:

  • Having the support of our sponsors (at record levels) allowing us to invest into our football program, including sending four of our coaches to the annual AFL Coaches conference and upgrading all our training equipment which was desperately overdue.

  • Giving every boy a training jumper. A strong message in support of Inclusiveness.

  • Hosting 453 people at the Season Launch, reinforcing our values of Family, Inclusiveness and Fun.

  • Watching the Rising Stars squad hand out footballs to our Under 10 boys and seeing the absolute delight on the faces of these young boys who are the future of MAFC.

  • The support of our fundraising efforts, particularly for Breast Cancer Research and the contribution our community made to this was inspiring.

  • Making an important statement of “reconciliation” and seeing every boy in our Club wearing the Indigenous jumper ever so proudly. Our empathy as a community is a real asset.

  • Working with our coaches who all harbour the same desire to create a positive environment for every boy, no matter their ability or level of contribution to the team; and in realisation that the well-being of our boys is very important.

  • Attending training and watching each group develop their skills and teamwork over the course of the year and most importantly seeing the boys smile and having fun.

  • Attending the Gala Dinner and having Mick Malthouse share his wisdom.

  • Being present in the crowds across the year and particularly during finals. The Marist community surely knows how to support its own.

As I’ve said on multiple occasions this year winning or losing isn’t that important. Our Club is focused on building the boys knowledge of teamwork, their love of AFL Football and helping them become more resilient. We as a Club have a more important role to play and that’s to support the college’s vision of creating “fine young men”.

Thank you everyone who has volunteered a minute or a whole lot of time in 2017. Our Club is built off the hard work of our volunteers and the time you've put into the Club has made 2017 a very enjoyable year. A very big thank you to the MAFC committee.

All the very best for the summer ahead.



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